About Ali

So, apparently I am suppose to be able to define myself to the reader, with hobbies and self-observations. Here is an attempt. I am Ali. I like to read, write, talk, drink wine, cook, ski, travel. I am a full-time student, I genuinely enjoy the learning experience. I am a fan of the sciences, biology in particular. I like to identify indigenous plants of the area I live; the southwest. I enjoy nature, and also the privileges of living in a first world country, so that I can choose the amount of exposure to nature. I have a dog, Peach, that is the coolest. I devote a big part of my heart to this creature. I roller blade because I was raised on Brink. I enjoy fitness.

I do not like to do self-observation, as I feel there is no way of doing it without a narcissistic and biased approach. I will use statements that people have said directly to me over the years, as to my character; “you talk all smart” “you are pretty white for being Hispanic” “you are a bitch” “I like your mind” “you are fucking crazy” “you are stupid” “you are beautiful” “you are funny, sometimes” “you are exotic” “you can lift weights pretty good, for a girl” “you are selfish” “you are a liar” “damn, you are a good cook” “you are a good friend” “you are spoiled”.

I am human. I am an evolution of all the experiences, good and bad, that have happened to me, because of me, outside of me. In my past I have done things and said things completely opposing to the things I do and say now. I have learned, I have grown, I have accepted. I am human.

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