I am working on my next fempost. In the meantime, I’d like to share another passion. Music, it is a proponent of intellectual stimulation. It is important to stimulate the mind in creative ways. I find myself craving creativity outside of what can be a very mind-narrowing academia. I can get this creative fix with music. I personally find musical stimulation beneficial while I write, it helps with expansion of the mind and focus. My playlist is derived from an array of genres, and changes regularly. I actively seek out artists to obsess over. Some artists, albums, and songs of my recommendation:

Portugal. The Man: I am really enjoying this Portland rock band, the newest album: Woodstock. ‘Feel it Still’ is a solid choice for a first listen.



















FKJ (French Kiwi Juice): this multi-instrumental multi-talented musical genius creates nothing but masterpieces. As a debut artist, I can only anticipate the furthering of his career. If you, like me, are a fan of the sax, you will deeply appreciate his abilities. Check out ‘Tadow’ featuring Masego. Holy shit.





















First Aid Kit: got me in a twangy-folkish groove with this female duo. ‘The Lion’s Roar’ ‘My Silver Lining’ is fire.














Tame Impala: I recently came across this artist and after listening to the first thirty seconds, I was sucked down the rabbit hole with his psychedelic vibes. I have since, downloaded several albums, all good. My favorite is his newest 2017 release: Currents.













Tash Sultana: I just found this artist and was blown away. Apparently, she was skyrocketed into the music scene in a matter of days after posting a YouTube video from her living room. Her sound is a unique combination of her skill for looping and ability to shred the guitar. She has a 2016 EP Release: Jungle. Check out her cover of MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’ or her feature on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts.






















Sevdaliza: This Iranian musician is a badass woman, one of the more eclectic sounds in my collection. I have described it as ‘open mic night poetry reading at the café’ meets The Matrix. I don’t know if that is an appropriate or understandable metaphor but that is my read. Some good listens: ‘That Other Girl’ ‘Marilyn Monroe’ ‘Bluecid’










SYML: this indie-esque alternative is a soothing soundtrack for crying, on rainy days. Check out the acoustic version of ‘Where’s My Love’. Plan it accordingly to high precipitation and heartbreak.









Melody Gardot: Damn, damn, damn. This woman is a staple. If you are a Billie Holliday or Etta James fanatic, if you like blues and jazz, this is your girl. She is my soul, musically. I would kill, cold-blooded murder, to see her live. Anything, listen to anything. Some of my favorites: ‘Preacher Man’ ‘Your Heart Is As Black As Night’ ‘If the Stars Were Mine’








The Chain Gang of 1974: another new-new to my collection. Thank you for bringing this music into my life. There sound, style, vibe is an ode to Simple Minds “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, but, like, better. All albums, I have liked. Newest album: Felt. Favorite songs from album: ‘I Still Wonder’ ‘Forget’ ‘Human’.












Banks: newest album: The Altar. This is the soundtrack of my day to day, it’s the holy grail. ‘Weaker Girl’ ALL TIME FAVORITE. It speaks to me, about me, for me. ‘Gemini Feed’ ‘Mind Games’ ‘Judas’ ‘Poltergeist’. The entire album, and the entirety of her as an artist. Cherry.





Childish Gambino: who would have ever guessed that Donald Glover would be one of the sickest rappers alive? Obviously, his shit is all over the radio these days, but I’m gonna cliché hipster the shit out of this and say that I listened to him before he was a thing. ‘3005’ ‘Me and Your Mama’ ‘III. Life, The Biggest Troll’ ‘Heartbeat’. You might be surprised by his range of talent.

Alt-J: I’ve heard songs here and there over the years that I enjoyed, but only recently committed to listening to entire albums and they are solid. ‘3WW’ ‘Something Good’ ‘Left Hand Free’.

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