I Am an Atheist

I am an atheist. I do not believe in a higher being or power. I believe in evolution, I believe in the natural sciences, and I believe that things we cannot explain are awaiting advancements in science to be explained. Or, maybe we will never be advanced enough because the human mind cannot compensate for... Continue Reading →

Protests for DACA

Yesterday, I attended the Immigrant Walkout for DACA protest organized by the New Mexico Dream Team. I attended two separate events, one on the campus of University of New Mexico, and the other in the Albuquerque Down Town Civic Plaza. I reported on both events for my campus paper. When I report I must keep... Continue Reading →

Women’s Oppression: Across the Globe

Disclaimer: this post contains information that may be concerning to those sensitive to the topics of genital mutilation. Something I have been deeply moved by since I first picked up a book and read into the subject is the oppression of women worldwide. Specifically, countries like India where a caste system society is very much... Continue Reading →

Identifying as a Feminist

I have had trouble identifying or truly understanding where I, my thoughts, my principles and values fall in line with others. Fundamentally, it is not important to me to have a label. But, I am a human being, I crave social acceptance, and social identity. That’s why we group. We find others that connect with... Continue Reading →

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