Women’s Oppression: Across the Globe

Disclaimer: this post contains information that may be concerning to those sensitive to the topics of genital mutilation. Something I have been deeply moved by since I first picked up a book and read into the subject is the oppression of women worldwide. Specifically, countries like India where a caste system society is very much... Continue Reading →

Permanent Sterilization

I decided long ago that having a child is just not something I wish to do. I have not wavered from this choice. I have never received so much unwarranted judgement for a seriously personal decision. It is fascinating how people seem to take this news. Like that it in any way, shape, or form,... Continue Reading →

Identifying as a Feminist

I have had trouble identifying or truly understanding where I, my thoughts, my principles and values fall in line with others. Fundamentally, it is not important to me to have a label. But, I am a human being, I crave social acceptance, and social identity. That’s why we group. We find others that connect with... Continue Reading →


I am working on my next fempost. In the meantime, I’d like to share another passion. Music, it is a proponent of intellectual stimulation. It is important to stimulate the mind in creative ways. I find myself craving creativity outside of what can be a very mind-narrowing academia. I can get this creative fix with... Continue Reading →

Just a Rant: Gender in the Gym

For my fitness enthusiasts: I’ve been into fitness for the better half of the decade. I was certified as a Personal Trainer in 2013, and I’ve been working in the gym setting since. The gym is a man’s world in every sense. And being of my sensibilities, I embrace the shit show, and the amusement... Continue Reading →

It is 2017: Outdated Gender Norms

It's 2017. My favorite response to someone’s outdated way of thinking; racism, sexism, objectification and other such topics, is to reference the actual year we live in. “Jesus dude, it’s 2017.” We have all done this, right? It is a statement to represent the passing of time. Usually in reference to the ‘big events’ where... Continue Reading →

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